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Can Vylo's 3d Scanning Software Export To External Cad/ Cam Program?

Yes, VYLO's intuitive and easy to use 3D scannng program supports exports to major 3D scanning programs. All you need is a few clicks for your CAD/CAM ready 3D exports.

Why Is 3dx Scanning Software So Important?

3D scanning process involves the 3D scanning and rendering software. All software users demand easy to use interface and power with the click of a button. VYLO meets such client demands with power and ease of use.

What Is Hybrid Optical 3d Scanner

Raptor3DX is a hybrid type optical scanner, enabling both the automatic and stationary modes for users. The compact, detachable scanning sensor acts as a powerful sensor engine when as automatic mode; a flexible scanner itself when used as stationary mode, providing three FOV in one

What Is Sss Technology?

Existing 3D scanning products often require moving base to hold the scanning ojbect. These moving base plate often cause instability in holding the scanning objects. With VYLO's proprietry Stable Scan Stage (SSS) technology, there is no need for such swing type base.

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