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Fully Automated 3D Scanning Process (Automated 3D Scanning Process | One-click automatic scanning process)

  • Method Optical Structured Light Technology
    Resolution 2MP / 5MP (Twin camera)
    Scan Area size 120 mm (2MP) & 50, 120 mm (5MP) / 4.724 inch (2MP) & 1.968, 4.724 inch (5MP)
    Automatic Platform Automatic 2-axis with SSS Technology (360° rotation / -5° to 90° arm )
    Dimension 330 x 495 x 430 mm / 12.992 x 19.488 x 16.929 inch
    Weight 17 Kg / 37.478 lbs
    Data Output Open STL (polygon mesh), OBJ, ASC
    Power 110~240V, 50~60Hz
    Interface USB 3.0
    O/S Windows 10 (64 bit)
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  • Automated 3D Scanning Process

    Lion3DX is desktop size 3D scanner with high accessibility for everyday use, equipped with automatic 2-axis platform.

    Conventional scanners need to mount models with fixture or clays, and they cause inefficiency.

    Lion 3DX’s Stable Scan Stage (SSS) technology enables scanning module to rotate around the centre of the scanning stage and keeps your objects stable while scanning.

    SSS technology with moving camera technology allows you to scan without any fixture or adhesive.

    Having good accuracy is essential for industrial scanning applications. Unlike the low-cost consumer 3D scanners, industrial grade 3D scanners requires strict accuracy validations.

    Each and every unit of Lion 3DX goes through a strict accuracy check using a testing artifact made and measured at Deutscher Kalibrierdienst, a renowned measurement laboratory in Germany.

    Stable Scan Stage (SSS) Technology
    • No need for separate fixture to hold your scanning objects
    • Scanner sensor moving method lets your objects to be stable while scanning
    • Intelligent Auto View Sync
    Fully automated scanning process
    • One-click automatic scanning process
    • 360 degrees rotation axis, -5 to 90 degrees arm axis
    Desktop Design
    • Compact, yet durable design suitable to be placed next to your workstations
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  • Automated 3D Scanning Process

    Lion3DX Highlights

    • Ideal for scanning small sized objects.
    • Auto exposure adjustment & noise filtering
    • Modular scanner sensor for easy maintenance
    • Cooling Mode keeps the scanner at its most stable and energy conserving state
    Scanning Sensor
    • With the use of high-end dual cameras, even the smallest details can be captured with reliable accuracy
    • Optical Structured Light Technology
    • Auto adaptive exposure level helps you find the optimal camera exposure level for best result