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Reliable 64-bit 3D scanning software, with proprietary Solid Scan Stage (SSS) algorithm obtains exceptional 3D scan data. One of the key benefits include intuitive user interface for sophisticated 3D scanning requirements.
Meshed STL | VYLO

Meshed STL

Rich details on meshed STL data
Alignment Preparation  | VYLO

Alignment Preparation

Automatically finding alignment points where to pick between raw scans
Data Alignment  | VYLO

Data Alignment

Accurately perform alignment based on common shapes
Converting into STL | VYLO

Converting into STL

All the raw scan data is combined and becomes one STL data.
Scanning Software

3DX Engine Scanning Software

  • Easy step-by-step user interface, low learning curve, suitable even for first time users

  • Recovery mode always protects all your scan project and data from computer crash and power outage.

  • Texture Scanning (OBJ format)