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Providing next level 3D experience to your design & production needs. Need 3D scanners? VYLO is your choice. Please contact us with your 3D scanning product purchase or for distribution opportunities.
Raptor3DX Scanner - Proprietary SSS Technology | VYLO Inc.

Raptor3DX Scanner

The all-in-one professional Raptor3DX Scanner with patented SSS automatic platform. Automatically scans objects without need for fixtures to hold down the object.

Stable Scan Stage (SSS) Technology | VYLO Inc.

Lion3DX Scanner

Desktop type professional Lion3DX Scanner with SSS technology embedded. Ideal for small objects and office environment.

Falcon3DX Jewelry Scanner - Perfect for your jewelry design process | VYLO Inc.

Falcon3DX Scanner

The most intuitive, high-performance desktop type 3D scanner specially designed for jewelries applications. Perfect for scanning small fine detailed objects, including rings and other jewelries.

Meshed STL | VYLO Inc.

3DX Engine Software

Reliable 64-bit 3D scanning software, with proprietary Solid Scan Stage (SSS) algorithm obtains exceptional 3D scan data. One of the key benefits include intuitive user interface for sophisticated 3D scanning requirements.